Everybody loves cupcakes


Everyone gets to feel special

Cupcakes are a great way to give each guest an individual cake, be it for a children’s party or as part of a visually stunning Wedding Cupcake Tower.

Quantities that scale to your occasion

Every occasion is different, that’s why we offer cupcakes in lots of different boxed quantities. Available from a single cupcake up to a box of 24 cupcakes (or 2, 4, 6 or 12) you can have just the right number to suit your needs.

We think that we should warn you though that we haven’t heard of a single occasion where any cupcakes have been ‘left over’. So we recommend purchasing slightly over the quantity you estimate.

Not sure how many cupcakes you need? Call us on 07878 437778 and we will provide you with the benefit of our experience.

Thank you again Tracy Thompson you are so talented at what you do and would highly recommend you too anyone xxx

Sara Smith

Special occasions, weddings or corporate events

Whether you want every guest at your wedding to have their own cake, your managing different dietary requirements or you need an easily scalable solution for a corporate event, we can help.

Your cupcakes can be plain piped, domed with decorations on, have edible printed photos added, which is ideal for corporate events as unique business cards that won’t be forgotten, in any colour or flavour.

Let your imagination run wild and have some fun. Call us now on 07878 8777 or via our contact page.