*Important GDPR Information*

Please read the following data protection statement with regards to how I use details provided by you to me at Iced and Nice Cakes.

• I hold only the minimal personal data which you provide & is needed to fulfil any cake order you have commissioned from me, normally your name, email, address & or phone number.

• I do not run any digital marketing of any kind therefore your data is only held for me to complete your order.

• By contacting my business you are confirming that you accept that I will hold this minimal information.

• If any photos are provided for the purpose of your order, these will be deleted once the order is completed.

• I am required by law to hold all accounts for 6 years before securely destroying them, includes invoices & all above data as previously explained.

• You have the right to ask anytime about the data I hold and it’s use.