Sculpted cakes


For all ages and occasions

Sculpted cakes are appropriate to a huge number of special occasions and achievements.

Whether you want to suprise someone with a cake modelled on their favorite dog or celebrate the passing of a driving test with a cake shaped like a car, a sculpted cake is not only more memorable but it is more meaningful. Call us on 07878 437778 to find out more.

A memorable alternative to traditional cakes

We make birthday cakes of all types, kinds and shapes. Whether your child dreams of a themed cake, an adult partner or friend would like something really unique or perhaps an elderly relative would like something more traditional, we can help.

We have a lot of demand for sculpted cakes as they are so memorable. To make a scuplted cake we  hand carve designs from a basic sponge shape and then we turn them into something special.

Thank you for the amazing cake!! It looked beautiful an tasted great. My daughter loved it!
Will see you for one in January for my Sons birthday cake!!


Your imagination is the limit

Your cake can be sculpted into almost anything – be it pets, numbers, animals, cars, buildings, trainers, ships, tractors etc etc They are great for that totally unique bespoke cake for a special occasion that will certainly get the wow factor.

Call us on 07878 437778 to hear how we can make your loved ones birthday just that bit more special than last year. Alternatively get in touch by using our contact form.